viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Pajaros en la cabeza

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Rubén dijo...

Patilargo,celeste, Sr. interesante,el primo lejano, dodo, mamá y ese tipo que se creía un pingüino; todos salían en mi sueño.

Almu dijo...
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Almu dijo...

- D

Yvonne dijo...

love these birds! and the flowers below! very cute :)
so sad I didn't have much time or energy to share my silly-3 work, or look at the flickr pool much... hopefully by the time silly-4 rolls around, things will be better :) I did do some of the worksheets for myself though, and had fun doing them!
hope you are enjoying Spanish silly!

Almu dijo...

Thanks, Yvonne! Yes, the same happened to me with Silly3, I didn't have as much time and energy as in 2, but I had fun doing and sharing some :-). About spanish Silly, I only translated Carla's worksheets, but am not doing them again. Anyway, I'm enjoying to see how some friends do it and have fun with it.
I do also hope -and am sure that- Silly 4 will cath us with more energy!!